Henrik Ibsen for Dummies

Ibsen’s way of describing social life and values is a tremendous source that never gets emptied and he describes hypocritical behaviour and life essential themes that never will be outdated.

Living abroad also made me more interested in the Norwegian culture and social system and I found strong links to how literature, specifically Henrik Ibsen’s work, has made an impact on Norway’s democratic development. I therefore decided to use his life and plays as inspiration for a series of work.

Shown in Ibsen Museet in Grimstad 2013/2014


Works from collective exhibitions


My inspiration comes from human interaction between people and with nature. The way we deal with decisions, the possibilities we go for and those we choose to leave, is a constant source of inspiration, together with the joy and struggle in communication between people.

I work with all kinds of materials and have a surrealistic style, and trying to look at the world with a humorous glance.


Anni Onsager - In Between - iron - 180x30
Bærumsutstillingen 2020
Anni Onsager Transformation 1 front
Anni Onsager_Jakten på stjernestøv_skulptur_2020_25 x 20 x 20  cm